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JJ Eyelashes periodically offers special savings on many of our most popular products including our proven Lash Dr, Eyelash extensions, application tools and more. That means greater savings on the items you want most.

Special Offers

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We sell only best products on the market and we keep abreast of the latest trends. The Supreme Glue is one of our Premium glue. It is the ultimate bonding glue for professionals.                                              SHOP NOW!

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Make-up FAQ

Who benefits from permanent cosmetic make-up? Everyone, from the young to the elderly who desires a soft and natural enhancement to their appearance. Learn more about our permanent make-up procedures.

Permanent Makeup FAQ

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are synthetic silk strands of hair individually attached to your natural eyelash using our special bonding agent. The extensions are applied approximately 1mm away from your skin and never comes in contact.

Eyelashes Extensions FAQ

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