Excellent Lash Coating EssenceThought you only had one option for lash nourishment here at JJ, right? Think again! Try our newly launched product, Excellent Lash Coating Essence, packed with nutrients for strong and shiny lashes.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering how this is different form Lash Dr. and why you should try it. Well, Lash Dr. was created to repair and lengthen damaged, lifeless lashes in between extension applications or just when you had enough of the damaging chemicals in mascara. With Excellent Lash Coating Essence, you will bring luster and more strength to the lashes, without worrying about the length. This product is perfect for those with naturally long lashes who just want to amp the elasticity of their natural lash.

If you’re wondering what is in Essence, look no further! Filled with Nettle extract and Witch Hazel, the natural properties prevent irritation from around the eye and surrounding skin. It also contains collagen, to boost the sheen and elasticity of the lash. Again, if you’re someone with naturally long lashes, this is the product for you! Just use in the morning and at night (of course, take off ALL mascara and eye makeup prior to, or if using in the morning, wait 2-minutes after application to use mascara or any other eye makeup).

Being a natural beauty takes proper care and time. By choosing one of JJ’s exclusive lash treatments, you empower yourself to look beyond and take advantage of what’s out there for your use. Within 2-3 weeks, you will see the difference in luster of your lashes and begin to have stronger lashes. Try not to use mascara, as it weakens the lash and causes breakage. For any questions regarding Excellent Lash Coating Essence, contact us at info@jjeyelashes.com