The 4th of July is one of the summer’s biggest, scratch that, IS the summer’s biggest celebration. In addition to honoring those who serve our country and allow us to have the freedom we adorn, there’s also the fashionable side to this annual day. Now regardless how you celebrate the holiday, it’s always important to think about how YOU feel when you wake up. Who wants to spend time with family and have a joyous time when they are feeling down? Nope, we didn’t think so.

            Feeling your best isn’t about what you put on the outside all the time, it’s about how you care for your body. Our hair (yes, eyelashes are hair), is a trademark that we use to really bring together the different aspects of our daily lives. Here at JJ, we want to help you, the client, care for your body in the most organic way possible. Not only will you have luscious lashes and brows, but your skin will thank you for giving it attention (especially in this gosh-darn heat and humidity).

            In addition to our eyelash extensions, our exclusive product, Lash Dr., is a 2-in-1 treatment that promotes the growth and nourishment of your lashes and brows. In a recent observation, we noticed that clients who maintained a healthier diet or were a little more active saw even more of a difference. By taking daily vitamins and keeping active (just by walking for 30min to 1hr a day), you can boost the growth of your lashes. Because we always want to look and feel great, we highly encourage using Lash Dr. when you are in between sets or refills. This will help maintain the nourishment of the natural lash and promotes elasticity.

            So while you’re looking for something to wear for this holiday weekend, be sure to check out one of the JJ Eyelashes salons. With locations in SoHo, Midtown, and Herald Square, we have a place for everyone to get their beauty nap on.