The time is on the clock for the opening of our newest salon! We are super excited for the grand opening of JJ Eyelashes on Madison and there’s only a short amount of time left before the big day. So, in order to better prepare you for the various happenings, we have put together a few tips for navigating Madison!


  • Book your appointment at least 2 weeks ahead (contact information and specials available soon)
  • Read all of the pre-appointment instructions
  • Ask the receptionist or a technician any concerns you may have
  • Come in with an open mind
    • Often times, clients want only one thing, but then see other styles and truly love them.
  • Drink plenty of water and breathe
    • Our relaxing atmosphere will give you the re-energizing period you’ve been waiting for
  • Don’t stress!
    • It’s important to come in the salon ready to relax and be pampered.
  • If you have a permanent makeup appointment, make sure you confirm 2-days prior. This helps with any confusion or cancellations.


With JJ Eyelashes opening on Madison, it’s important to understand that your experience is our priority. Our reasoning behind opening at Madison is simple – service. Our services are so unique to the client, that no two eyes will look the same, and no two lip liners will mirror each other. We take a natural approach to a permanent application or procedure, something that we felt would further serve areas such as the Upper East Side, where busy moms and professionals reside. It takes time and confidence to strut and that’s just what we do – we add to your confidence.

To learn more about the opening of our Madison location or for information about booking an appointment, please visit our website at