It’s quite interesting how there are so many different ways to enhance our appearance. From the traditional makeup products to self-tanner, many individuals wonder what other options there are, in terms of longevity. May Lee, CEO of JJ Eyelashes, has over 20 years experience and if you’re one of those who enjoys going out and wants to maintain a flawless image, she is the professional to go to. Not only will permanent makeup possibly be the solution you’ve been looking for, but with May, a few moments can change a life (just like they have over the last few centuries). 

                For centuries, men and women have undergone what used to be a painful procedure. Dating back to ancient Egypt (and possibly even more then), permanent makeup was a symbol of power and class. It was also intended to ward off evil spirits, but for the most part, we have strayed from that reasoning. Now, it’s just a matter or waking up feeling your best everyday and being confident in your own skin. But why is it so popular today?

                Constantly, society is giving us the latest trends and some individuals tend to be intrigued of the benefits of the procedure. But what many don’t know is that a large portion of individuals who undergo such procedures have faced difficulties such as illness and age, which has led to the loss of hair, fading of pigmentation, or simply wish to conceal long-term scarring. If you’re concerned about the influence or impact it will have on your life, hold your head high. Any procedure will influence your thoughts, but it’s important to also remember that if you decide to get permanent makeup, you’re doing it for yourself.

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