Permanent makeup by JJeyelashesWhat Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent cosmetics are essentially tattoos. If you want your lips to appear to have more color or appear to have a shade of lipstick at all times, that is what you'll get with a cosmetic procedure done on your lips. Similar to a tattoo, you will have to have your permanent makeup removed by a doctor who has a laser to do such procedures. This is why the decision should be weighed carefully before you choose a color or procedure.

Which Areas of the Face Can Receive Permanent Makeup Applications?

Two of the most popular areas that women have done are the lips and the eyebrows. Some women will have the application be subtle and will still wear some makeup, but the use of makeup won't have to be as heavy as it was before a cosmetic procedure. How dark or what amount of coverage you get with any area will be up to you. Having a reddish glow placed on your cheeks for a blush look is possible, and it's also possible to have eyeliner-like applications done.

Most states now require a permanent cosmetologist to require training at a trade school or college to be licensed. The requirements in the past were rather loose when permanent makeup was first introduced, and some artists were only required to be trained by someone who was in the industry. Because of some safety concerns, you will want to make sure you go to a professional with all the accreditation needed.

Permanent cosmetics are a safe and effective way to make your face ready for any occasion. Whether you get your entire face done or just one or two parts, you can lessen the amount of makeup you have to apply daily with the right permanent makeup procedures. Most procedures can be done in a single sitting, and the cost will be determined by how many areas you have completed. Make sure you have a bid on the costs before your procedures. As long as you are clear on what you want done, your experience with permanent cosmetics should be a good one.

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