Your wedding day is already hectic enough, without having to worry about whether or not your eye make-up is going to run while you’re tearing up from your nerves or from being so stressed. But did you ever think eyelash extensions would make your big day easier?

            JJ Eyelashes offers premier services for eyelash extensions, including a free consultation where your stylist will sit and discuss which lashes would work best for your eye and face shape. Being that your big day (or any special occasion for that matter) doesn’t have a dress rehearsal, it’s important that you look and feel relaxed. No more rubbing off mascara or worrying that it’s going to ruin that beautiful Pnina Tornai gown right before you walk down the aisle. We make your life (and day) much more fluid and easy to navigate just by allowing you to relax for 1-2 hours (depending on the set of lashes). So let’s talk bridal.

            Your big day is in just a matter of weeks and you’ve spoken to your make-up artist about your options and run-through. They suggest that since you’re keeping things simple, to amp up your appearance. For many, this is a fabulous idea and there is not limit, but many brides still want to have a natural appearance with a slight enhancement. You tell them you don’t want any heavy eye make-up because you know you’re a crier (most brides are on their day), but don’t want falsies because the last even you wore them to, they started to peel off. For the most part, bridal experts know that the bride (and bridal party) wants to have a lasting appearance. So what are your option? Eyelash extensions.

            A bout two weeks prior to your wedding, getting a simple application of extensions is ideal. There’s not too many lashes and you get an idea of what a fuller set would look like if you chose to go with it for your event. By getting them done prior to, you allow yourself to get used to the feeling (weightless!) and how to care for them. Since brides tend to have smaller gatherings before their nuptials, they want to appear refreshed, regardless. But about two to three (2-3) days before the big day, go in for a touchup and add any lashes that have either fallen out or if you want to simple upgrade, go ahead. By then end of your application, you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed after receiving a complimentary foot and hand massage.

            Don’t fuss about what your photos or appearance could have been. By choosing lash extensions by JJ Eyelashes, we guarantee your special day will be filled with much joy and excitement. Book a consultation with one of our JJ locations and plan out the stairway to love with one of our lash stylists.