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JJ Eyelashes Launches New Mobile eCommerce Website

Mar. 21, 2014 - MANHATTAN, N.Y. -- JJ Eyelashes Launches a sleek, sexy modern website.  This website embodies the founder’s, May Lee, vision for her brand that “the infinite path to perfection is paved with the satisfaction of each and every client”. The aim of the new website is to, in combination with a new social media campaign, create a dialogue with her clients and fans. May’s soul goal is what was described by Michelle Ruiz of Cosmopolitan “enhancing both lashes and another priceless commodity—self-confidence.”

May’s dedication to achieve complete satisfaction from her clients is her passion and highest motivation. The process involves silky, synthetic hairs that are bonded to the base of your natural lashes, lash by lash giving the client a natural and elegant look that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Her method includes a detailed consultation to understand which style, length and thickness works best for that particular face shape. The result is a customized and unique look that are sure to turn heads.

The company has seen tremendous growth in its relatively short span at approximately 50% consistently. General Director, David Park says “the key for us was to keep the brand experience Fun, Fresh and Fancy,” which has proven effective in growing brand loyalty and brand ambassadorship. His vision to create a more peasant and efficient experience online is what sparks this drastic overhaul of their online presence. “Our online marketing campaigns have already yielded an immense increase in traffic and conversion rates, I am confident that we are heading in the right direction.”

The design of the website has stayed true to May’s vision of elegance and beauty while showcasing her skill and expertise.  Navigation of the website is quick and easy, with an 11 option main menu and easy access to all four pillars tailored to the need of each individual audience. Focus was also to the beauty enhancing products that can now be bought directly on the websites eCommerce capabilities. Web developer Folu Orimoloye themed it as "One of his best works" and the beauty of this website came from weeks of coaching with May to understand her mission, I put my heart and soul into its creation.

According to the Public Relation Coordinator at JJ Eyelashes, “ it was imperative that May be the Star of the website. We collected research from around the globe to understand the consumer and her lifestyle, aesthetics and personal preferences.”
 The website strongly emphasizes Social Media with bold icons at the top of the page, complimented with an aggressive real time marketing campaign to exemplify it’s devotion to client satisfaction.

The press page highlights all of May’s latest editorials and news. The blog allows direct communication and an education portal.  The launch of the site coincides with the launch of her plans to begin franchising her salons to only her most qualified people.

About JJ Eyelashes:

JJ Eyelashes represents four entities: JJ Eyelashes Salons, JJ Eyelash Academy, JJ Eyelashes ( Products and JJ Eyelashes Franchising.

JJ Eyelashes Salons - The premiere eyelash extension facial massages and permanent makeup hub since 2010. The eyelash extensions are customized to fit each individual’s eye shape and facial structure, using four different types of curls, 10 different lengths ranging from 8mm to 17mm and 2 thicknesses’.

Our beauty treatments are sleep induced and paired with complimentary foot massages allowing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. JJ Eyelashes also stays abreast with current technology, while ensuring clients a safe and sanitary environment. Selected as NY Mag’s "Best of New York 2012" for eyelash extensions.

JJ Eyelashes Products – Professional eyelash extensions, makeup, adhesives and adhesives and more that accent your features while keeping them healthy.

JJ Eyelashes Franchising – Go into business for yourself but not by yourself.

Take our proven business model into the real world with the benefits of our established brand and widespread recognition. Increase your chances of success with our proven business model and methods.

Other benefits include:

·      Exclusive access to our success summits

·      Business consultancy

·      Employee training

·      One time franchising fee with Zero royalty fees

·      National and regional advertising

·      Ongoing supervision and management support

·      Operational assistance

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