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Skin Care

facial skin care


With our well experienced estheticians, our facial skin care is one of the best ways through which you can take care of your skin. Our facial skin care procedures will cleanse, exfoliate and leave your skin nourished. This helps your skin look younger by promoting a well hydrated complexion and clear skin. The stages for our facial skin care procedure include;
- Consultation
- Cleansing
- Skin Analysis
- Steaming
- Exfoliation
- Extraction
- Facial Massage
LED therapy


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Diodes give off energy in the form of light. These little diodes are compact, durable, powerful, bright, efficient, and produce rejuvenating effects on the skin. This advanced cosmetic enhancement treatment is a non-invasive procedure that requires no surgery, no harsh chemicals, no lasers, and there is typically no downtime necessary. Best of all, it is safe for all skin types regardless of ethnicity. Light Emitting Diode Therapy is a painless and relaxing skin care treatment that plumps up your skin to boost collagen. The LED therapy is used in treating different levels of acne, from moderate to mild facial acne. For Acne and blemishes, LED light therapy stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and assist in the repair of acne and blemishes. Normally, a maintenance treatment is suggested every three to four weeks. Unlike laser treatment, LED therapy does not burn your skin. It gives you a plumper, firmer and youthful looking skin.
ultra sound therapy


UltraSound Therapy (also known as Ultherapy) treatment is recommended for lifting and tightening the skin. This latest advanced technique for facial rejuvenation is focused on ultrasound. Ultherapy is an alternative to surgery that can offer improvements without cutting the skin. There is minimal to no risk of infection and scarring. This therapy is used to direct sound waves through the skin, focusing on the deep tissue structures under the skin. This produces fast repeated stretching and shrinking of the cell membranes which promotes collagen production and improves skin elasticity. The vibration of these ultrasonic waves also breaks up and lifts the dead cells and the deposits of oil off the skin. After this session, you will notice a smoother skin with some degree of firming and tightening.